Family business with more than 50 years old. Located in the town of Carchelejo, in the province of Jaén. This locality belongs to the region of “Sierra Mágina”, which one of the most extensive natural parks of Spain.

Carchelejo, more than 900 meters high and in the middle of the sierra, an issue that is endorsed by an ancient charcuterie tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation, and today, Embutidos Carchelejo, the highest exponent in the region. It has been a constant of this Company its concern for the improvement, both in the application of new technologies that allow us to take to the consumer the best tradition with the best guarantee, as in our incessant work of training of all the people that compose Sausages Carchelejo , Making this company a banner of Spanish sausages


Sausages Carchelejo began its journey back in 1960. Its origins go back to a traditional butchery where pigs were sacrificed from the local herds of the area, thus supplying the town that today bears its name. With these meats, artisan sausages were made, which is why Don Bernardino González and his wife, Doña Juana Lomas, founders of the company, began marketing them in nearby towns.

Little by little and thanks to the determination of its founders, the fame of its products was extended throughout the Province of Jaén, extending its radius of action to other bordering provinces, mainly Cordova.

Following the tradition of the environment, the products that began to be elaborated were those that, generation after generation, have been elaborated in the Region of Sierra Mágina, natural park where the industry is located, such as chorizos rosario, sausages, butifarras and hams.

The Company, In anticipation of the new Community directives on health, in 1988 a first expansion and adaptation of its facilities was carried out. Since then and until now, several improvements have been implemented that have led to modern facilities, where, using the most advanced technologies has managed to combine tradition with innovation.

The Company is currently leaded by the second generation, which has given it a strong boost, while also providing it with youth and future. They, with innovative and enthusiastic mentality, manage daily to respond to a market in continuous evolution, manufacturing products adapted to the consumer of today, combining the essence of yesterday with the demands of a market in full dynamism, manufacturing artisan products adapted to the needs of the Current consumer with the sole desire to ensure correct and adequate food.

Sausages Carchelejo, wanting to reach all homes, has managed to position itself in the national market through an extensive distribution network, making use of all the channels that the current trade facilitates. In addition, for more than a decade, the Company has started the process of internationalization, and is now present in more than 20 countries.

Sausages Carchelejo, which from its origins bet on the quality and safety of its products, has implemented a system that ensures the quality of its products based on its HACCP Autocontrol System, Hygiene Plans, Production Systems compatible with respect for the Environment , Continuous Training Plans for all its employees, Traceability Systems and Product Control, as well as certifications in products free of Gluten and HALAL Products, which guarantee at all times the food safety of our consumers. Also, pursuing its international commitment, our Quality system is backed by the Standard Certifications of the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI): BRC and IFS.